Research Grant 2022-2023

Research Topic:Design and development of controlling unit and gripping claw for an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

Brigadier General Md Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan, psc

Problem Statement:
The challenges of gripping different types of object need to overcome by most of the robot development. There are numerous types of robot claws for gripping different objects. However, the proper functionality of a robot claw depends on the controller, actuation mechanism, and the design of the claw. In this research, the controller system for an ROV claw, experimenting with different types of actuation, and the design of claws will be investigated.
Fund Allotted:5,00,000
a) Design and manufacturing of robotic claw for ROV.
b) Testing sustainability of robotic claw for multiple operation.
c) Design, fabrication and testing of individual actuator control circuit.
d) Firmware development for controlling ROV from base station.
e) Mother circuit development, fabrication and testing with developed firmware with robotic claw operation.
Duration:01 year
Expected Outcomes:
The expected outcomes are listed below:
a) In house design and development capabilities for controller, claw, and arms.
b) Finding suitable design solution for claws and classification of claws based on object type.
c) Finding solutions for suitable actuation mechanism and optimizing it.
d) Developing in house manufacturing and testing capabilities for complicated elector-mechanical system.