Research Grant 2021-2022

  Research Topic: Prototype Design of a Radiation Survey and Rescue Rover with Shielding of Electronic Equipment from Radiation with Image Radiation Mapping Facility

Md. Tauhid Ur Rahman, PhD

Captain Md. Sifatul Muktadir, EME

Problem Statement:
The main goal of this project is to create a robot that can detect, monitor, and isolate radioactive sources in a nuclear facility in order to limit individual radiation exposure using the ALARA concept. Also to ensure the radiation safety of the circuit. Moreover the radiation mapping of the monitored area.
Fund Allotted:1,20,000.00
Expected Objectives:
a. To detect, measure the radiation with a remote controlled rover
b. Ensure the safety of the circuit of the rover and isolate contaminated object
c. Ensure shielding of the circuits
d. Radation heat map of the monitored area.
Duration:01 year
Expected Objectives:
The expected outcomes of the research are:
a.Designing and implementation of a remote controlled rover with radiation detection, measurement, shielding and isolation properties
b.Designing and implementation of proper shielding for the electronic equpment and the contaminated object
c.Constructing the radation heat map of the monitored area.