Research Grant 2021-2022

  Research Topic: Prep of cheap solar energy sys/altn energy source for remote camp.

Brigadier General Md Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan, psc

Problem Statement:
The people faces energy crisis to live and sustain for remote areas. The people need electricity at their home. They need a portable/small modern energy system to provide it with the necessary amount of electricity. However, they have relatively heavy, noisy generators for electricity production, which is extremely costly and environmental friendly and a renewable and sustainable energy system. Other features that make the portable solar system attractive, firstly, the ability of easy transport. They can easily setup to remote places by using its wheel in a very short time and it can save times. Secondly, its ability of create zero noise. Thirdly, enough electricity supply for cooking and heating water, battery charge for army vehicles. Therefore, the aim of building a portable solar system is to easy supply of energy or electricity to our people.
Fund Allotted:1,90,000.00
Expected Objectives:
The objectives of this project are as follows:
a. Design and build a prototype (4x4x4 feet) portable solar energy system.
b.Testing the prototype hovercraft on different days and weather conditions.
c.Optimizing the design parameters for hilly area
Duration:01 year
Expected Research Outcome:
This is the first attempt in Bangladesh to design and build a full-size working prototype. Therefore, the first research outcome is exploring a new area to gain more knowledge. Secondly, the capacity buildup to make portable solar system to be used by Bangladesh Army. Thirdly, it is exploring the possibility to export good quality and cheap solar energy system, which will help to meet up electricity demand in remote areas.