Research Grant 2021-2022

  Research Topic: Measurement and Analysis of HF Spectral Occupancy in Bangladesh.

Dr. Col (Retd) Md Golam Mostafa

Problem Statement:
Landmines are weapons, usually buried, that explode when stepped on and are designed to injure or kill, leaving long-term psychological effects and posing a financial burden to the community !1]. Mostly metal detectors are used to detect those landmines. In 1925, Gerhard Fischar invented a portable metal detector. Fischar's model was first sold commercially in 1931 and Fischar was behind the first large-scale production of metal detectors [2] The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) estimates that the casualty rate from mines currently exceeds 26,000 persons every year. It is estimated that 800 persons are killed and 1,200 maimed each month by landmines around the world (ICRC, 1996a; ICRC, 1996b; ICRC, 1998). The production costs of AP mines are roughly between 3 and 30 US$. But, the current cost rate of clearing one mine is ranging between 300-1000 US$ per mine3l. TIRAMISU project in the European Union [4] proposes to use multi sensor data fusion techniques for combining information from a metal detector and a chemical sensor [5] to improve the location and detection accuracy of landmines. But this project is very costly. COMRADES Robots is having two robots called the Explorer and Corobot, manufactured by Coroware Inc. Both robots are four-wheeled and use a skid-steer mechanism for maneuvering 16]. Cost of different types of landmine detection sensors in the COMRADE system is near about $30,000-$40,000. Total cost becomes $50,000[6]. Keeping all of the above incidents in mind, planning this project includes the necessity for a single elaborated system that takes care of all abovementioned problems. Our project is very cost effective comparing the previous robots. We have completed the project at only $3800 or 3.3 lac tk. Another new inclusion is the spray system which can mark the safe lane and. Our robot can also neutralize the landmine from a safe distance. The project gives solution to all these incidents and even more with its designed devices.
Fund Allotted:11,89,000.00
a. To design and implement a remote-control robotic arm for mine detection.
b. To mark the safe lane in mine field for the passage of troops and vehicle.
c. To complete the process of demining using the robotic arm.
d. To test the performance and effectiveness of using remote controlled robotic arm and wireless communication.
Duration:01 year
  Expected Research Outcome:Our project is of low budget and affordable to the developing and underdeveloped countries. Moreover, we can build our own robots which will help us not only to neutralize the landmines but also the uncleared shells of heavy weapons and guns. Moreover, it will help is in UN mission. We can send it in front of any convoy to create a safe lane from landmines and IEDs as it is remote controlled.