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1.   There was a need for a clear and concise SOP on the functioning and operation of CATS-MIST for a long time. It was working at a limited scale for few years.  With the increasing trend of construction work all over Bangladesh and the need for testing and consultancy services as well, the requirement for an elaborate SOP has become essential.  The functioning of CATS-MIST shall be supervised by a Director to be nominated and appointed by Commandant, MIST.  The Director will be nominated from the Senior Instructors/Professor of engineering degree awarding departments of MIST.  He will be supported by Research and Development Wing (R&D Wg) in the form of secretarial correspondence and maintenance of the related documents and coordination in a separate office. CATS-MIST will be involved in two functional aspects; first in the Consultation and Advisory Service and the other in Testing Service as per its capability.

Basic Principles

2.   The centre will function in accordance with the following principles:

    •  All works will be done on the basis of written agreements.
    • All works will be open for publication except as provided by individual agreements with the client.
    • The basis of accepting a project will be that, the work fits in with the mission of MIST, space is available for          the work and a staff member is interested in conducting the work.
  • The work will be done by regular members of the staff selected by the Director, CATS-MIST on recommendation of the Head of the Department concerned, if necessary, by technicians furnished by the client. The Director will serve as Chief Executive Officer of the CATS-MIST.

3.   The teaching function will be the primary objective of the faculties of MIST.  The Director CATS-MIST and the Departmental Heads will be responsible for the proper allocation of work assignments, so that the normal teaching work does not get affected.

4.   Faculty members, staffs, laboratory personnel involved in a consultancy and testing will receive monetary reimbursement which commensurate their part of the total effort from the money beside the parts used for research, development, students thesis, laboratory development, etc.  This is to encourage the extra effort rendered by them beside their rigorous academic contributions and which is essential to progress of both MIST and the individual.

Functional Procedures

  1.   The procedures for selecting and carrying out a work will be as follows:
  • The party, desirous of having an engineering problem solved at CATS-MIST, will apply to the Director in a specified application form (to be uploaded shortly).
  • If the Director of the Centre, in consultation with the Head of the appropriate department of MIST approves the application having assessed the ability and time to do so, a suitable person or persons will be selected to       produce a plan of the work along with time schedule and cost estimation.
  • The Director CATS and Head of Concerned Department will obtain verbal followed by written permission with a Note Sheet from Commandant to do the assignment.
  • The applicant will be required to pay a fee for this service as would be laid down in the ‘Schedule of Fees’ which will be brought out/revised by the Director, CATS-MIST from time to time.
  • If the applicant decides to have the research or testing or consultation work carried out in accordance with the proposal, which has been submitted to him, a contractual agreement to that effect will be made between the applicant and CATS-MIST.
  • The work will be carried out by the designated faculties and staffs with the assistances as necessary of others as approved by the Director. If any faculty is unable to perform its part of the consultancy due to shortage of members in the faculty it may be outsourced by CATS-MIST with the approval of the Commandant.
  • Proper records of the time devoted by the workers, and of the materials and machines used on the project will be maintained by CATS-MIST.
  • Reports on progress or completion of the work will be made as stipulated in the agreement.

Rules Regarding Operations of CATS-MIST

  1.   These rules describe the payment system and its distribution, which will be as follows:
    • The rate of payment of fees by an outside party for services/consultation through CATS-MIST shall be estimated by the Director CATS-MIST in consultation with the Departments, Institutes and offices on the basis of the nature of the work involved. There shall be a non-refundable deposit amounting to 50% of the estimated fees for consultation work and 100% for testing services which should be paid in advance prior to the commencement of the work.
  • The deposit shall be forfeited if the party does not contact the CATS-MIST for the services / consultation work within a period of six months, which may be extended on request by the party up to a period not exceeding one year from the date of the deposit. Where the deposit is forfeited in respect of consultation work, the CATS – MIST shall inform the parties concerned accordingly.
      • GSO-2 (Research) will be appointed as Accounts Officer of CATS-MIST by Commandant as per CATS policy.
      • GSO-1 (Research) and GSO-2 (Research) will act as Coordinating and Assistant Coordinating Officer for CATS-MIST.
    • Requirement for any faculty or member of MIST to become the team leader for a part of consultancy is minimum a master degree from a reputed university (UGC approved)/ BUET/ MIST etc. on that field of study.

Financial Management

  1.   The schedule of rates for all laboratory tests by all MIST laboratories will be brought out by Director CATS time to time (at least once in every year).
  2.   GSO-2 (R&D)/ Account Officer, CATS-MIST will do the followings:
  • He will act as Member Secretary of CATS-MIST and Assistant Coordinating Officer to GSO-1 (Research) for coordination purpose only.
  • He will work under direct supervision of Director CATS-MIST and will be accountable to the Director for CATS related activities.
  1.   Director CATS-MIST and Head of the concerned departments will maintain a work roaster for distribution of the task among the faculties.
  2.   Director CATS-MIST will remain overall responsible for distribution of fund and maintenance of documents when and where necessary and his coordination role will be supported and assisted by coordinator, the GSO-1 (Research).


  1.   For the purpose of communication following address may be used:

Director, CATS-MIST

Military Institute of Science and Technology

Mirpur Cantonment


Coordinating Officer, CATS-MIST

Military Institute of Science and Technology

Mirpur Cantonment


Tel: +88-02-8000292, Army- +88-02-902-3826.

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