About R&D

MIST is one of the leading and prestigious technical institutions of Bangladesh. The second mission of MIST is ‘To make provisions for research and development and dissemination of knowledge and technology’. R&D Wing is dedicated to materialize this mission of MIST.

There are five branches/divisions in R & D Wing : Testing & Consultancy Cell.
a. Research, Standardization,
b. Computer Cell.
c. Drafting, Reproduction, Printing Division
d. Central Library
e. Workshop Division

3. The prime duties and responsibilities of R&D Wing are to made provisions for advisory, research and consultancy service including supervision, material testing, carry out research on theoretical as well as physical development, prepare the budget and accounts of research extension and development services, publish Journals, Brochure, Prospectus, Newsletters, Research Reports, Bulletin etc, supervise and control the activities of the central library and workshops, preparing and printing the photo ID Cards, process and monitor civilian recruitments of MIST, arrange media, press and photo coverage, secretarial duties of CATS (Centre for Advisory and Testing Services) and MISTDS (MIST Debating Society).

  1. Ongoing Research Work:
    a. Feasibility study of fire-escape route at residential and commercial building.
    b. Design and fabrication of water turbine for hydropower generation
    c. Design and development of a RFID based employee attendance for CSE Dept
    d. Optimized bus terminal management system
    e. Air space violation system
    f. Traffic signal controlling system
    g. Deposition of carbon thin film for studying its electrical and optical properties
    h. Development of MIST-X1 technology demonstrator which includes development of a full scale light air craft                  with suitable power plant and thrust provider
    j. Design and development of a solar charger (multi brand)
  2. To conduct diploma courses in Surveying & Mapping.
  3. To conduct diploma and certificate courses in Computer Science & Engineering.
  4. To conduct professional advanced courses.
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