Research & Development Wing

  1. The Research & Development Wing consists of the following cells/divisions:
    • Research, standardization, Testing & Consultancy cell.
    • Computer Cell.
    • MIST central Library.
    • Drafting, Reproduction & printing Division
    •  Workshop Division.
  2. Main jobs of R & D wing is to carryout research & consultation service including supervision, materials testing and to enter into suitable agreement. This wing to publishes research reports, bulletins, journals, news letters etc.
  3.  Archive is established at MIST under the guidance of R&D Wing. That preserves the following:
    • Policies.
    • Syllabuses of Different Courses.
    • Charter of Duties.
    • TO & E (MIST).
    • Visitor’s Folders.
    • List of Pioneer Officer.
    • Digest of Services.
    • Photo Album.
    • Working Paper on Different Meeting.
    • Banners of Different Meeting.
    • Initial correspondence of MIST.
    • Research working papers of different Depts / Divisions
  4. The R&D Wing of MIST is currently running the following research works:
    • Study of Material Property of Building Materials of Bangladesh.
    • Study on Earthquake Containment of important structures of defence installation.
    • Development of CD Based Study Materials for Civil Engineering Dept. Business Studies Dept, CSE (Computer Science and Engineering Dept).
    • Study of the Health Related Construction and Facilities in Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force).
    •  Development of MIST Student (Civil and Military) Orientation CD.
    • Development of MIST Archive Soft ware for Archive Display.
    • Development of Soil test Software with Relation to SPT Value.
    • Study of Performance Appraisal System of Army Officer.
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