Robotics Club


Robotics involves design, construction, operation and use of robots. The mission of a Robotics Club is to spread knowledge about robotics and other robotics related aspects. We, MIST Robotics Club, try to do so by spreading knowledge about electric motor circuitry, electronics, micro controller and programming. The aim of the club is to become a platform for all student who are interested in robotics to share, combine and spread the knowledge and work together towards greater endeavors.

MIST Robotics Club (MRC) commonly referred to as MRC was established on 2013. It is one of the most active and prestigious robotics clubs of the country functioning under the supervision of EECE department of MIST. MRC arranges national level robotics competitions and workshops to help student develop their creativity through creation of various types of robots that can be of service to the mankind.

Mist Robotics Club aims to spread the enthusiasm of Robotics among students all throughout the country. The club regularly arranges routine classes and workshops among freshmen and has arranged festivals on the occasion of different days. MRC organizes National level competitions with huge participation from Universities all around the country. MRC believes that beside the sincere efforts undertaken by MIST ensure proper engineering education, the club can enrich a student’s knowledge of engineering through teaching them to apply their knowledge in various problem-solving situations. Mist Robotics Club believes that MIST students can do wonders in this field as reflected by its motto,

“Soar High, Sky is the Limit”.

Purpose :

Robotics Club is a community of students who derive pleasure in creating electrical machines that possess the ability to work without human intervention. Each member of this family is provided with mechanical, production, electronic, and informatory aid besides the indispensable guidance of experienced members and senior robotics experts.

• To help students to understand, design and learn robotics. Provide interested students with opportunities to express their skills, knowledge and creativity through conceptualizing, designing and programming robots.  

• To encourage and enable students to utilize and enrich their creativity and engineering skills through robotics; so as to imbibe technical skills, teamwork and leadership in them. To inspire young minds to be the driving force in the field of robotics, by engaging them in exciting, mentor-based programs that build engineering skills, inspire innovation, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership.

• The aim of the Robotics Club will be to support and foster interest in various aspects related to robotics; in particular, mechanical  design 

• The club will cater to the interests of hobbyists and beginners in robotics, as well as of seniors who may be involved in professional design

• The club will also extend support to the participants of robotics-related competitions that are held at all over the world.


1) Inauguration Ceremony:  this year on 16th March Mist Robotics Club organized an orientation ceremony to give an official reception to its new members.

2) Weekly Meetings: The weekly meeting is held on every week on the basis of weekly progress, accomplishments and future projects.

3) Magazine: Mist Robotics Club publish 'Singularity' yearly magazine and also have several wall magazines around the campus.

4) National Competition: ROBOLUTION is one of the the biggest national robotics competitions in Bangladesh organized by MIST Robotics Club. The competition is open for School, College & University level students.
Also the club organizes intra robotics competition with several segments such as soccer boot, LFR, poster presentation, gaming.

5) Classes: MIST Robotics Club hosts regular classes to teach students various basic robotics topics: arduino, electronics , hardware assembling, programming.

6) Workshop and project: throughout the year MIST Robotics club organizes different workshops And seminar  on Robotics .

Events Descriptions:
Robolution is one of the biggest national robotics competitions in Bangladesh organized by MIST Robotics. The competition is open for school, college & university level students. The aim of Robolution is to provide the Robotics enthusiastic students with a platform to show their prowess in the field of robotics. They get the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, creativity and innovative thinking to create and apply new technologies. So, Robolution plays a crucial role in spreading the popularity of robotics and making the youth more productive in this sector. With massive countrywide participation from the previous years, 2016,2017,2018,2019 MIST Robotics Club is marching forward with the next iteration of the prestigious event known as “ROBOLUTION 2020”. This year Robolution is coming up with new outstanding and surprising events which will be more thrilling, exciting and unpredictable than ever before.

Robo-Fest is an intra-university robotics competition for robotics enthusiasts organized by MIST Robotics Club. Students from 12 departments of MIST participate in this event. Many first-year students join this event. They participate in Line follower robot (LFR) Race, Robofight, Project show, Poster presentation, Solid works etc. A good amount of prize money is given to the winners.

Arduino day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. It is organized for the community those who are interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn more about the platform. MIST Robotics club also celebrates Arduino day by arranging full of activities like workshops, talks and skillsets. They also organize a quiz for Arduino lovers.

MRC organizes math Olympiads for the betterment of competitive skills as well as theoretical knowledge. So, the club is not only confined in robotics related sides. Moreover it works for the welfare of MIST students.