Research Grant 2023-2024

Principal Investigator: Lt Col Khondaker Sakil Ahmed, PhD, PEng, CEng

Title: Bearing Strength of weld connection between cold format and hot rolled Steel

Fund: 1,38,000/-


The main objectives of this study are as follows:

  1. To develop the scenario-based visual representation of EPDS questionnaires adopting the HCI design principles.
  2. To investigate the weld failure mechanism of the cold-formed steel connections.
  3. To examine the influence of the welding process and electrode types on the strength of weld connections

Expected Outcomes:

  1. This preliminary attempt will provide the insights of wild connection between cold-formed and hot-rolled steel that will ultimately contribute to developing a design guideline of the weld connection of cold-formed steel.
  2. The study on the influence of welding processing and electrodes will determine the suitable and effective welding method for cold form steel.

Duration: Nine month