Research Grant 2023-2024

Principal Investigator: Air Cdre Md Aminul Haque

Title: Design and Fabrication of Automatic Fuel Transfer System of an Aircraft.

Fund: 3,20,960/-


The objective of the project is to:

1. Design and live simulation of fuel transfer system in an aircraft to understand various stages of automatic fuel transfer.

2. Fabricate a working model of the automatic fuel transfer sequence for better appreciation and understanding about the system in an aircraft.

Expected Outcomes:

The expected outcome and their significance are described as follows:

1. On ground/Inflight refueling of the tanks after automatic fuel transfer.

2. Manual override operation in case of failure of automatic sequence.

3. Simulation of unserviceability for snag rectification.

4. Simulation of emergency situations and associating it with necessary centralized warning system.

Duration: 04 Months