Research Grant 2022-2023

Research Topic:Automated Cyclone Prediction System: A Bangladesh Perspective

Nusrat Sharmin, PhD

Problem Statement:
Recent study shows that Bangladesh is far away to add new technology-driven advanced techniques to the Cyclone management system. Although, Countries from this sub-continent started adopting advanced technologies in their cyclone prediction system. The recently proposed machine learning and deep learning-based studies mainly focus on theoretical study. As it is found little or almost no work is done in cyclone prediction systems using machine learning or deep learning before the formation of cyclones, so this kind of prediction will still be in an early stage of exploration. Additionally, deep learning-based approaches require a large amount of data. In this context, acquiring the data and storing it in a proper fashion will also be very challenging.
Fund Allotted:5,00,000/-
Objectives: The main goal of this project is to develop an automated Cyclone Prediction System. The system includes the following features i) Early warning system ii) Prediction iii) Cycle path tracking iv) Cyclone Intensity v) Cyclone response. In the long run, this project will help to reduce the damage due to the cyclone as well as help the people save their livestock.
The objectives of the research include:
a. To develop efficient early warning systems with recent deep learning or machine learning technology.
b. To implement a system with proper tracking and measure the intensity of the cyclone path.
Duration:01 year
Expected Outcomes: In this project, we are taking the initiative to develop a cyclone prediction system using modern technology. The final outcome of the project is expected as follows:
a. An automated cyclone warning system.
b. Scientifically the result will be considered a case study from the perspective of Bangladesh. We expect that our newly developed hybrid system will scientifically contribute to the domain of machine learning in general.
c. Having the correct warning system for disaster always helps people to save their life as well as their livestock. Any disaster affects the country economically, but the early prediction always comes as a rescue and also helps the country to face economical loss.