Research Grant 2022-2023

Research Topic:Strength and Durability of Waste Based Geopolymer Stabilized Subgrade Soil with PET Strip Reinforcement

Lt Col Mohammed Russedul Islam, PhD

Problem Statement:
Medical Waste Incineration ashes are rich in calcium oxide although they may have a deficiency in aluminosilicate compounds [1]. Promising results in terms of strength development are found when incineration ash is used in concrete in combination with cement [2]. The leachability of heavy metals of the incineration ash is reduced below the allowable limits once stabilized with cement and converted into geopolymers with alkali activators. Read More...
Fund Allotted:4,10,000/-
a. To investigate the durability and engineering properties of soil on stabilizing with incineration ash, fly ash and alkali activators
b. To investigate the physical and engineering properties of stabilized soil reinforced by PET bottle strips.
Duration:01 year
Expected Outcomes:
This study is expected to provide information on the strength and durability of alkali-activated incineration ash and fly ash stabilized subgrade with PET strips reinforcement. The possible outcome of the research will promote the valorization of wastes that have challenges for disposal. This project will help develop human resources as an MSc student may get his degree as a part of this research work.