Research Grant 2022-2023

Research Topic:Effect of carbon fiber reinforced polymer retrofitting on rectangular recycled brick aggregate concrete column subjected to axial load

Lt Col Md Jahidul Islam, PhD

Problem Statement:
In Bangladesh, there have been several catastrophic breakdowns of structures that were structurally inadequate. The collapse of the reinforced concrete building used as a garment factory, which resulted in the loss of many lives, is the most notable among them. Because columns are the most important structure element, retrofitting the column has become a key priority in recent years [1]. Due to the poor material strength, inadequate capacity, and lack of ductile detailing, many of these columns require seismic retrofitting. Read More...
Fund Allotted:4,32,450 (BDT)
a. To investigate the compressive strength, axial, and lateral strain of sub-standard brick aggregate rectangular column before and after the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) retrofitting.
b. To propose a design guideline for CFRP retrofitting of sub-standard rectangular recycled brick aggregate concrete columns.
Duration:01 year
Expected Outcomes:
This research work is expected to yield relationships between rectangular reinforced concrete columns with aspect ratios h/b 1.0 and 1.5 with CFRP confinement, and that could be used to assess the engineering properties of strengthened columns and evaluate the feasibility of using carbon CFRP confinement for brick aggregate concrete columns of the old structures that have become structurally weak. This research will also help in incorporating the effect of brick aggregate, rectangular columns, and CFRP confinement into the existing design guidelines.