Research Grant 2022-2023

Research Topic:Investigation on Electro-mechanical properties and Thermal treatment effect of Al MMCs fabricated with Nano Reinforced Al2O3, ZnO, SiC and Activated Carbon by multistage stir casting method for Aerospace applications.

Md Jalal Uddin Rumi

Problem Statement:
Researchers around the world are taking steps to improve electro-mechanical properties of Al based materials by adding different nano and micro size reinforcement particles such as Al2O3, ZnO, SiC. Amongst the reinforcing materials, Al2O3 is the most frequently used one due to its better interfacial affinity and incapable of being chemically degraded with molten Al alloys. By using this material as reinforcement, it can enhance the strength and hardness values. Researchers have also been investigating the changes of electro-mechanical properties by adding other reinforcement particles in Al MMC along with Al2O3 at various weight percentage (%). Among those, incorporation of ZnO with Al2O3 in Al MMC using stir casting method exhibited increment of Brinell hardness. The study was observed to be limited up to investigation of compressive strength, wear behavior and Brinell hardness. However, hybrid Al MMCs can be developed with reinforcement particles such as Al2O3, ZnO, SiC and AC. Therefore, a prospective research scope persist on investigating more electro-mechanical properties including flexural strength, impact toughness, micro hardness (Vickers, Rockwell etc.) and electrical conductivity of such hybrid Al MMCs. Moreover, the investigation on effects of thermal treatments of Al MMCs reinforced with Al2O3, ZnO, SiC and AC is an important aspect to be addressed for the applications at elevated temperatures.
Fund Allotted:205214 BDT (including VAT & AIT).
a. To fabricate Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites (Al MMCs) having five compositions as shown in TABLE 1 by locally customized stir casting method.
b. To investigate the electro-mechanical properties of fabricated Al MMCs.
c. To examine the effects of thermal treatment on electro-mechanical properties such as hardness, electrical conductivity etc. of fabricated Al MMCs.
Duration:01 year
Expected Outcomes:
a. Expected improvement results from the research on the mechanical properties of Al MMCs in comparison with pure Al will make the users convinced and confident for material selection fabrication/construction purposes.
b. Susceptibility of hardness and electrical conductivity of Al MMCs after thermal treatment will make its applications to a certain temperature level which will lead to undertake cautionary measures for the operations at elevated temperatures.
c. The present work will enhance the methodology of fabricated AL MMCs as well as the potential applications in aerospace industry such as aircraft parts (i.e. wings, control surfaces, tail) and engine parts (i.e. Cylinder liners, piston rings, connecting rods).