Research Grant 2021-2022

Research Topic: Developing on assilive app for cervical cancer patients.

Lt Col Muhammad Nazrul Islam, PhD

Problem Statement:
A preliminary study of the existing studies showed that not much significant work has been done for cervical cancer patients by incorporating quality health care, information sharing, and diagnosis-related services in a single platform. No research has been conducted to elicit and understand the requirements from cervical cancer patients and healthcare providers. Again, a very few studies have been conducted focusing on the design and development of digital/mobile solutions to assist cervical cancer patients in the context of Bangladesh. Hence, there exist significant gaps in research that need to be addressed.
Fund Allotted:5,00,000.00
The objectives of the study include:
1. To find out the requirements for designing an application for creating awareness among mass people regarding cervical cancer as well as to facilitate the treatment of cervical cancer.
2. To develop an Android mobile application based on the revealed requirements.
3. To evaluate the usability and performance of the developed mobile application through empirical user studies.
Duration:01 year
Expected Research Outcome:
The outcome of this research are as follows:
1. An in-depth and complete list of requirements from cervical cancer patients and healthcare practitioners will be revealed.
2. The functional (high fidelity) prototype of a mobile application that can be used for spreading awareness and Facilitating the screening and treatment of cervical cancer patients.
3. Evaluation results justifying the developed mobile application in terms of its effectiveness and usability.