Moto MIST automotive club

MOTO MIST AUTOMOTIVE CLUB is a platform for young aspiring students to learn about automobiles and also to challenge themselves to come up with innovative solutions for various automotive problems posed to them. It is a recent endeavor of the Mechanical Engineering(ME) students of MIST with the club’s formal journey beginning on April 29, 2017. But the inspiration for the club goes further back to 2013 when the ME students participated in "Eco Run Bangladesh 2013" a fuel efficient vehicle design competition organized jointly by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)1. The name of their project was given what is now the club name, ‘MOTO MIST’. Following in their footsteps several other projects were launched in the subsequent years with success and recognition which culminated into the formation of the club in 2017.


Orientation Program, March 10,2019


Intra MIST Quiz competition "BUZZER", September 11,2019

"Trash to Toy Car" competition for freshers, February 26,2020

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