Md. Abdul Hamid



I am delighted to learn that Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) is expanding very fast in the field of technical education and contributing significantly in the process of building a technology-based prosperous nation. Heartiest congratulations to the MIST authority for introducing very time stipulated and new engineering disciplines with advanced academic curriculum.

Establishment of MIST by Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was a milestone in the history of technical education in Bangladesh. Since the inception in 1998, the institute has never looked back. Gradually it grew into a full-blown institute with its own campus and now it has more students and greater educational benefits than ever.

The present government is moving forward with the commitment to bridge the technology-deprived community with the modern world. Bangladesh is progressing towards achieving its “Millennium Development Goals” in a prescribed roadmap. Necessity of environmentally friendly, cost effective and safe technology in implementing the roadmap is the demand of the day. MIST is very successful in delivering these needs to the society.

I appreciate the faculty members and staffs for their tireless efforts to drive MIST to the apex of success. I thank the proud parents and guardians for preferring MIST to admit their children. I hope the students would utilize their full potential not only in nation-building but also establishing their footprint across the globe.

I am sure together we shall build a better future for our nation and be able to meet the challenges of healthy and prosperous human resources for Bangladesh.

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