Dr. Dipu Moni, M.P.

Chairman Council of MIST


I am extremely pleased to know the gradual development of Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST). Enhancing its image through professional excellence, MIST is working hard to fulfill the long cherished desire of the Armed Forces. It is now appropriately treading with its ultimate motto “Technology for Advancement”. Keeping the motto in heart, the faculties and staff are striving hard to craft MIST as the Centre for Excellence. Today we are proud to have ten engineering departments in this premier institution for higher education.

Noteworthy, MIST provides the educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in advancing the frontiers of science and engineering and in developing applications of technology to benefit our society. I believe that the students will make munificent contributions to the scientific fundamentals of the fields of engineering. They will particularly concentrate on the development and engineering of systems for the well being of mankind.

Wishing the students of MIST a bright future in ensuing their professional career. My whole hearted appreciation also goes to the academic faculties and staff for their unwavering commitment and resolve in achieving all round success.

I am sure together we shall build a hub for the engineers with innovative skills to meet the future challenges of the 21st century for energetic Bangladesh.

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