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  1. Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST), a pioneer technical institution of Bangladesh Armed Forces conducts undergraduate courses of various engineering disciplines, like, Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Aeronautical Engineering (AE), Naval Architectures and Marine Engineering (NAME), Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE), Environmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering (EWCE), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Architecture (Arch), Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME) and Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) . Since its beginning, all academics programs (including the MBA and Executive MBA programs) of MIST had been affiliated with the University of Dhaka (DU). On 05 June, 2008 the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) came into existence as a new public university of the country.  Since then all academic programs of MIST were disengaged from DU and have been affiliated with BUP.  Again, the Management Division (BBA, MBA and Executive programs) of MIST was disengaged from MIST and remained with BUP in faculty of Business studies (FBS).  Now, examinations of all engineering programs of MIST are held under the authority of BUP.
  1. From the academic session 2017-18, MIST is introducing a course system for undergraduate studies. The rules and regulations for administering undergraduate curriculum through the Course System have been applicable to students henceforth. This new course system has been introduced with an aim of creating a continuous, even and consistent workload throughout the term for the students. This new curriculum does not demand the same rate of academic progress from all students for obtaining the degree but only lays down the pace expected of a normal student. A student whose background or capacity for assimilation is lower, he/she is permitted to complete the program at a slower pace by studying a fewer number of courses during a given term, subject to a minimum course load.
  1. A definite standard of education and general discipline will be followed in every level of the program. The unsuccessful students will therefore be withdrawn from the institute.


  1. Definition of the terms :

a.Permanent Withdrawal. The term `Permanent Withdrawal’ will imply a complete/permanent discontinuity from any course/program of the institute.

b.Temporary Withdrawal. The term `Temporary Withdrawal’ means that the student has been allowed by the Academic Council, MIST to discontinue temporarily from any course/program for a definite period. The student, so withdrawn, may re-enter the course as per terms and conditions as set by the authority.

c.Permanent Expulsion. The term `Permanent Expulsion’ means expulsion permanently from the institution on disciplinary ground. A student, if expelled permanently    will never be allowed to re-enter the course or similar program in MIST           and be subjected to other terms and conditions as set by the authority while            approving the permanent        expulsion order.

d.Temporary Expulsion. The term `Temporary Expulsion means expulsion from an academic course/program for a certain period on disciplinary ground. A student, if expelled temporarily, may be allowed to re-enter the course/program on expiry of the punishment period and on fulfilment of other terms and conditions (if any) as set by the authority while approving the temporary expulsion order.

  1. The under graduate (B.Sc) Engineering programs for all engineering disciplines are planned for 04 regular levels, comprising of 08 regular terms for Architecture programme it is planned for 3 & regular levels, comprising of 10 regular terms. It is expected that all students will earn degree by clearing all the offered courses in the stipulated time. In case of failure the following policies will be adopted:

a.Students failing in any course/subject will have to clear/pass the said course/subject by appearing it in supplementary/self study (for graduating student) examination as per examination policy.

b.Students may also retake the failed subject/course in regular term/short term as per Examination policy.

c.Maximum grading for supplementary/self study examination etc of failed subjects will be B+ as per examination policy.

d.One student can retake/reappear in a failed subject/course only twice. However, With the Permission of Academic Council of MIST, a student may be allowed for third time as last chance.

e.In case of sickness, which leads to missing of more than 40% classes or miss term final examination (supported by requisite medical documents), students may be allowed to withdraw temporarily from that term and repeat the whole level with the regular level in the next academic session, subject to the approval of Academic Council , MIST. However, he/she has to complete the whole undergraduate program within 06 (six) academic years ( for Architecture 07 academic years) from the date of his/her registration.

f.Minimum credit requirement for the award of bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Bsc Engg) and Architecture (B. Arch) will be decide by the respective. Department as per existing rules. However the minimum CGPA requirement for obtaining a bachelor degree in engineering and Architecture is 2.20

g.Whatever may be the cases, students have to complete the whole undergraduate Program within 06 (six) academic years from the date of registration.

h.All other terms and condition of MIST Examination Policy remain valid.

Expulsion/Withdrawal on Disciplinary Ground

  1. Unfair Means. Adopting of unfair means may result in expulsion of a student from the program and so from the institution. The Academic Council of MIST will authorize such expulsion on the basis of recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee, MIST and as per policy approved by the affiliating university (BUP). Following would be considered as unfair means adopted during examinations and other contests:

a.Communicating with fellow students for obtaining help in the examinations.

b.Copying from another student’s script/report/paper.

c.Copying from desk or palm of a hand or from other incriminating documents.

d.Possession of any incriminating document whether used or not.

7.Influencing Grades. MIST Authority may expel/withdraw any student for approaching directly or indirectly in any form to influence a teacher or MIST authority for grades.

  1. Other Indiscipline Behaviour.  MIST Authority may withdraw/expel any student on disciplinary ground, if any form of indiscipline or unruly behaviour is seen him/her which may disrupt the academic environment/program or is considered detrimental to MIST’s image.
  1. Immediate Action by the Disciplinary Committee of MIST. The Disciplinary Committee, MIST may take immediate disciplinary action against any student of the institution. But later the approval of BUP has to be taken. In case of withdrawal/expulsion, the matter will have to be referred later to the next academic Council, MIST.

Withdrawal on Own Accord.

  1. Permanent Withdrawal. A Student who has already completed some courses and has not performed satisfactory may apply for a permanent withdrawal.
  1. Temporary Withdrawal. A student, if he/she applies, may be allowed to withdraw temporarily from the program, subject to approval of Academic Council of MIST, but he/she has to complete the whole program within 06 (six) academic years (for Architecture 07 academic years) from the date of his/her registration.
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