Course Pattern and Credit Structure

Course Pattern and Credit Structure:

The program is covered by a set of theoretical courses along with a set of lab/ sessional (practical) courses to support them. The rules for assignment of credit are as follows:

  • Theoretical Course – One contact hour of lecture per week per term is equivalent to one credit.
  • Sessional Courses – Credits for sessional course (practical class) are half of the contact hours per week per term.
  • Thesis/Project – Credits are also assigned to project and thesis works taken by the student. The amount of credits assigned to such works varies from one discipline to  another.

Course System:

  • Introduction of letter grades and grade points instead of numerical grades following the guidelines of University Grant Commission (UGC).
  • Continuous evaluation of student performance.
  • Promotion of student-teacher relation.

Course Designation:

  • The first digit corresponds to the year/ level in which the students normally undertake the course.
  • The second digit is reserved for departmental uses. It usually identifies a specific area of study within the department.
  • The last digit is an odd number for theoretical course and an even number for sessional course.
  • For Example: Course CE 361
    • CE – Departmental identification (Civil Engineering Department)
    • 3 – Signifies level of courses (Level- 3).
    • 6 – Subject code (reserved for departmental use).
    • 1 – Odd digit designates a theoretical course.
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