Admission Test

Eligibility for written test

  1. Candidates will be short-listed on the basis of total GPA/marks obtained in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in HSC or Equivalent Examination. In case of tie, order of priority for finding the eligible candidates will be GPA/marks in Mathematics, Physics and then Chemistry.
  2. A  short listed candidates against total seat capacity of 570 will be allowed to appear written test. These candidates include, candidates passed in HSC/Equivalent examination in current year (2019) and maximum  2000 candidates passed HSC or equivalent in previous year (2018).
  3. All eligible candidates with GCE A’ Level or equivalent of current year and previous year (last year only) will be allowed to appear at the written admission test.
  4. Two separate lists (one for current year and one for last year’s candidates) will be generated for selection purpose to appear written admission test only.
  5. Short list of eligible candidates will be published on 17 October 2019 in the MIST website:

Examination System. There will be NO multiple choice type questions (MCQ); questions will be in both English and Bangla and applicants can answer in English or Bangla. The marks distribution for both units are as follows:

Ser Unit Subject Marks Remarks
1. Unit A


Mathematics 80 Total Marks: 200

Examination Duration 3.0 hours

2. Physics 60
3. Chemistry 40
4. English 20
5. Unit B


Drawing and Architecture related topics 100 Total Marks: 200 + 100

Examination Duration: (3.0 + 2.0) hours

 For Unit A only, candidates will sit for the written test of 3 hours. For Unit B (Architecture) only / both A and B (Engineering and Architecture) candidates will sit for the written test of 5 hours (3 hours+2.0 hours) with a break in between.


  1. During examination only pen, pencil, coloured pencil (for Architecture applicants), eraser, pencil sharpener can be used.
  2. Mobile phone, smart watch and programmable electronics equipment, compass and bags are not allowed in examination hall.
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