Why study at MIST?

We are a progressive institute with a focus on innovative research that has real impact and is recognized internationally. At MIST, students are at the centre of everything we do. Producing career-ready graduates informs what we teach and how we teach it. Our commitment to high-quality teaching, is what makes us educational leaders in science and technology.

We can help you to reach your study and career goals through a wide range of courses. You’ll receive individual attention and attend small, manageable classes. You’ll enjoy an exciting and dynamic experience at our modern campus. Our impressive network of industry links inform our programs and provide you with valuable work experience opportunities.

All of these things mean you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the modern, global economy.

Briefly, the salient features of MIST are:

  • Rigorous admission and selection process for best possible screening.
  • Interactive sessions in the classroom.
  • Regular guest lectures and educational visits.
  • Culture of timeliness, commitment and uninterrupted curriculum.
  • Flexibility in choosing competent faculties through outsourcing.
  • Well thought-out and continuous feedback and assessment system.
  • Effective teaching through innovative method.
  • Industrial attachment for on job training.
  • Emphasis on code of conduct and dress code.
  • Focus to develop students as good human with all possible attributes of successful leader.
  • Tranquil, pollution free and secure campus life.
Last updated on Thursday, June 25, 2015

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