Admissions Funding for International Graduate Students

International applicants must demonstrate to the Bangladesh Embassy that they have sufficient means to cover tuition and fees and the cost of living while studying in Bangladesh in order to obtain their study permit.

Internal Awards and Funding

Some financial support may come from the university in the form of assistantships or graduate scholarships. These are typically offered at the time of admission (if eligible) to students in research-based programs.

Types of funding that do not require an application:

Applicants to professional programs (graduate diploma programs) are not normally considered for these sources of funding from the university.

External Awards and Funding

International students are encouraged to find other opportunities to support themselves and any dependents while attending MIST, as there are a limited number of external awards offered to international students from within Bangladesh. Some external awards for international students include the following:

Graduate Student Funding Terms and Conditions

All applicants who receive an offer of funding are expected to read and understand the funding eligibility terms and conditions as described in the Graduate Student Funding Terms and Conditions publication.

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