CyberComp2018 at MIST on 21 July

Calling all cyber security experts, designers, big thinkers! We are inviting YOU to participate in a day long CyberComp2018 . For the very first time, MIST will be hosting a cyber security competition. We’re looking for participants to channel their creative energy into facing cyber security challenges. Cyber Security has ever been a major concern for our country since the dawn of Digital Bangladesh. Enterprises around the globe need cyber security experts for both offensive and defensive purposes. In the same way, the country needs protection against malicious cyber attacks occurring every day. The cyber security experts can contribute a lot in the field of cyber security. It’s your turn to prove the hidden talent in you. Hack to prove your ability. Join the  CyberComp2018 at MIST, Mirpur on 21 July 2018. The leading experts will have the opportunities to win:

  • Attractive prize money
  • Employment opportunities
  • Rare opportunities to meet other cyber security experts

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Last updated on Sunday, July 29, 2018

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