IT Services

  • Maintain and develop MIST Cloud Services System (MCSS), M-ERP and other organization specific applications and services.
  • Operate and maintain MIST Enterprise Network  with internal and non-enterprise user at global platform with appropriate access controlling
  • Ensure highest level of network security at different level introducing suitable technology / tools and maintaining required number of DMZ with cross firewalled security zones.
  • Facilitating Internet and IT/ICT based services for students, faculty members, organizational employees’ parents and other clients desirous for consultancy services   in different fields.
  • Provide Video Teleconferencing (VTC)  services to MIST officials with national and international education / research institutions/ universities
  • 24×7 ICT services including e-Support Services and maintenance of optic fiber backbone based Campus WAN.
  • Manage and maintain highly secured and classified ‘
    MIST Comprehensive Academic Management System (MCAM) ‘ with students’ and faculty members’ browsing facility
  • Hardware and software related services for different offices, faculties, departments, faculty members and students
  • Support service for different Admission Tests both for MIST and other organizations
  • Office automation and e-services development for different offices
  • Provide ICT facility for official conference management, meetings, seminars, symposiums, and cultural programs
  • Arrange short courses, workshops and appraisal sessions for teachers/students/staffs
  • Provide consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental organization as required in ICT field. 
Last updated on Monday, June 08, 2020

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