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Research Paper Publication of MIST Faculty Member in Q1 Ranking Journal

A research paper of Commodore M Muzibur Rahman, (E), psc, BN, Head NAME Dept, MIST has been published in a Q1 ranking Elsevier’s Journal “Materials Characterization”. Title of the article is ‘On the investigation of reuse potential of SnPb-solder affected copper subjected to work-hardening and thermal ageing’. The research work of this article was to investigate the physio-mechanical properties like hardness, conductivity, thermal stability, micro-structure as well as to analyze their possible changes or improvements under work hardening and thermal treatments to identify the reuse potentials of SnPb-solder affected old/scraped Copper. Mainly, old/scraped copper is consumed in low value application since the solder affected waste copper materials have hardly been characterized in an effective fashion. Therefore, it is especially important to predict the possible changes in the major properties to obtain the most suitable rehabilitations of these materials in the high value engineering products. For detailed information please see the following link.