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Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST) is one of the leading and prestigious technical institutions of Bangladesh. It is a rapidly growing promising technological institute of the country with state-of-the-art facilities which is run by the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Bangladesh. This Institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various engineering disciplines. At present, MIST has twelve academic departments in different engineering discipline under four faculties. Every year the intake of undergraduate students is around 600, while the intake of graduate students in Masters and PhD programs is around 150. A total of two twenty eight faculty members including seventy eight PhD holders are teaching in these departments. The MIST campus is in the Mirpur Cantonment, the heart of Dhaka – the capital city of Bangladesh. It has a compact campus with halls of residence within walking distances of the academic buildings.

The second mission of MIST is to make provisions for research and development and dissemination of knowledge and technology. ICT Directorate is dedicated to materialize this mission utilizing ICT as a tool. This Directorate is under HQs MIST to ensure world class modern ICT facility to the users of different corner and eventually make the living in MIST comfort and easy. The ultimate purpose of this Directorate is to provide a platform for teaching, learning, training and research in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that will contribute to industrial and infrastructural development, economic growth and social prosperity.

Elements of ICT Directorate

To provide complete meaningful ICT support in MIST, the ICT directorate consists of two divisions i.e. ICT Infrastructure Division and Software Division covering the entire spectrum of ICT operations, automation, web services, support and maintenance services.

A group of expert professionals are working in different teams 24×7 maintaining high availability and operational performance. Certified network, software, web and security service professionals are working together to check the system heath and protect the e-resources maintaining highly secured x-firewalled DMZ zone. Additional layers of security have been implemented for the protection of the highly confidential database relevant to examination results and certification. The entire web resources are been packed under a single operational cloud naming MIST Cloud Services System (MCSS) promoting our effort to a standard System as a Services (SaaS).

ICT Directorate also has an efficient Repair and Maintenance Engineering Section to handle the hardware causalities and required support. Our support teams are highly efficient of maintaining the functionalities of all the departmental labs equipped with computers and system software needed for university education.

Charter of Duties

ICT directorate provides but not limited to the following services through the existing infrastructure and systems:

  • Maintain and develop MIST  Cloud Services System (MCSS), M-ERP and other organization specific applications and services.
  • Operate and maintain MIST Enterprise Network  with internal and non-enterprise user at global platform with appropriate access controlling
  • Ensure highest level of network security at different level introducing suitable technology / tools and maintaining required number of DMZ with cross firewalled security zones.
  • Facilitating Internet and IT/ICT based services for students, faculty members, organizational employees parents and other clients desirous for consultancy services   in different fields.
  • Provide VTC services to MIST officials with national and international education / research institutions/ universities
  • 24×7 ICT services including e-Support Services and maintenance of optic fiber backbone based Campus WAN.
  • Manage and maintain highly secured and classified ‘Education Management System (EMS)’ with students’ and faculty members’ browsing facility
  • Hardware and software related services for different offices, faculties, departments, faculty members and students
  • Support service for different Admission Tests both for MIST and other organizations
  • Office automation and e-services development for different offices
  • Provide ICT facility for official conference management, meetings, seminars, symposiums, and cultural programs
  • Arrange short courses, workshops and appraisal sessions for teachers/students/staffs
  • Provide consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental organization as required in ICT field.


  • Fail-safe O&M of MIST Tier-II Data Center and IaaS for about 3200 internal users and other enterprise users
  • Developed and managing ‘Education Management System (EMS)’ with highest degree of confidentiality
  • Developed responsive Cloud Services System for institutions’ functional management for world ranking amongst other universities
  • Developed and maintaining organization specific different utility web applications to automate daily activities
  • 24×7 client friendly e-Support and Service Support
  • Quality ICT facility support for conference management, official meetings, seminars, symposiums, and other programs
  • Zero-error service support for online admission including tests
  • Consultancy services to different national level ICT projects and programs
Developed/Underdeveloped Products
  • MIST Comprehensive Academic Management System (MCAM)
  • Hardware Procurement and deployment for Data Center
  • DPP to Develop Sustainable ICT Infrastructure
  • ISP Selection FY 2018-19
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