Vision, Mission, Values and Motto


To be a centre of excellence in the field of science, engineering and technology by providing appropriate academic and innovative research environment to meet the national and global needs and challenges


To develop as a Centre of Excellence for providing comprehensive education and conducting creative and innovative research in diverse disciplines of engineering, technology, science, management and related fields

To produce technologically advanced intellectual leaders and professionals with high moral and ethical values to meet socio-economic development of Bangladesh and global needs

To provide consultancy, advisory and testing services to government, industrial, educational and other organizations to render technical support for widening practical knowledge and to contribute in socio-economic development

To access collaborative and research activities with national and international communities for long-term interaction and life-long learning with the academician and industry


  • Integrity and Respect-We embrace honesty, inclusivity, and equity in all that we do
  • Honesty and Accountability-Our actions reflect our values, and we are accountable for both.
  • Dedication to Quality and Intellectual Rigour-We strive for excellence with energy, commitment and passion
  • Pursuit of Innovation-We cultivate creativity, adaptability and flexibility in our students, faculty and staff


As an Institution without gender biasness, MIST is steadily upholding its motto “Technology for Advancement” and remains committed to contributing to the wider spectrum of national educational arena, play a significant role in the development of human resources and gradually pursuing its goal to grow into a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 04, 2018

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