MIST has following elements for its smooth functioning:

  • MIST Secretariat
  • Academic Wing
  • Research & Development Wing
  • Administration Wing
  • Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Directorate of Students’ Welfare
  • Various Centers


MIST Secretariat is headed by the Colonel Staff who is the Principal Staff Officer to the Commandant. General Staff Officer-2 /GSO-2(HQ) is the coordinating staff of this Secretariat. This secretariat plans and regulates the all functions related to educations and academic administration of the institute. It also looks after the legal affairs and foreign affairs aspects.


Academic Wing is engaged in conducting undergrad, graduation and post graduation studies. It has ten degree awarding departments under four faculties and a supporting department to the degree awarding departments. Details are as under:

  • Degree Awarding Departments
    • Faculty of Civil Engineering
      • Department of Civil Engineering
      • Department of Civil, Environment, Water and Costal Engineering
      • Department of Architecture
      • Department of Petroleum & Mining Engineering (PME)
    • Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering
      • Department of Computer Science & Engineering
      • Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering
    • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
      • Department of Mechanical Engineering
      • Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
      • Department of Industrial Production Engineering (IPE)
    • Faculty of Nuclear Science & Biomedical Engineering
      • Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering
      • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Supporting Department
    • Department of Science & Humanities

Research & Development Wing is engaged with research, development and publication of this institute. Point to mention here that about 10% of the total institutional budget is expanded in research and development field. Get relevant research related and other publications in the following link.

Administration Wing looks after the overall administrative functioning of this institute. It has branches like general administration, movement & quartering, accounts and logistic to discharge its role.

Directorate of Students’ Welfare

The Directorate of Students’ Welfare is responsible for organizing and coordinating various student related activities including

  • Administration of the halls of residence
  • Distribution of halls of residence for Level-1 Term-I students
  • Providing medical services through MIST medical centre
  • Assisting the students obtaining employment
  • Supervising the program of physical education
  • Supervising the extra-curricular activities of the students
  • Maintaining contact with the alumni of the MIST

Directorate of Information and Communication Technology

Various Centers

  • Center for Advisory & Testing Services (CATS)
  • Center for Continued Education and Research
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