Maj Gen Md Wahid-Uz-Zaman, ndc, aowc, psc, te


Course/Dt of Commission:

17 BMA Long Course/25 Dec 1987

Academic Course/Qualification:

a. Military :

OW-27, SBC-12, JCSC-2, Potential Pl Comd Course, MSC,Staff Course-27, Higher Diploma Arabic Language Course,Sig Offrs Degree Engr (Telecom Engr),Electronic Warfare Course, Allied Officers’ War Course and National Defence Course.

b. Civil :

Examination Passed Name of University Year of Passing the Exam
Bsc Engr Jawaherlal Nehru University, India 1996
Masters National University 2003
Masters in War Studies National Def University, Pakistan 2009

c. Foreign Course:

Sig Offr’s Degree Engr Course-71,India, Adv Coy Comd Course,Egypt and Allied Offr’s War Course,Pakistan.

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