Hall of Residence


Description and Capacity

MIST is a residential institute. Right now MIST has only one Student Hall named “Osmany Hall”. It was established in 2006. Osmany Hall is an 8 storied building with female and male wings, each wing having a capacity of 260 students. There are 20 staffs for each wing. The hall building accommodates a number of offices to facilitate the administrative works. Both Male and Female Wing has two seven storied extension building each accommodating additional 500 students. Therefore, the total seat capacity of the Hall is 1220 students (male and female). Osmany Hall is well-known for its structural beauty, residential facilities and the security of the students compared to the other hall in Bangladesh. Both wings have well equipped Dinning Hall where quality foods are served. For providing necessary services and to meet the requirements of the resident students, the hall is also equipped with all mandatory allied facilities such as 24×7 electricity, Internet service, gym, common room (with TV & music corner and indoor games), reading room, prayer room, laundry service, indoor and outdoor games and sports items, etc.

Hall Committee

Overall activities of the hall are to be administered by a committee, namely Hall Committee. The committee will be formed with faculty members and permanent staffs. The Provost, who will be selected by the Commandant, is to act as the Chief Administrator of the hall. There will be a Deputy Provost as well as two Assistant Provost for each wing to assist him in various activities of the hall.



Col Chowdhury Saif Uddin Kawsar, PBGM

Deputy Provost 

Lt Col Fazle Rabbi, Department of Computer Science Engineering

Assistant Provost (Male Wing)

Lec Fyas Sadik , Department of Civil Engineering

Assistant Provosts (Female Wing)

Sqn Ldr Samia Khanam, Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Lt Cdr Sonjibone Sudha, (ND), BN, Department of Science and Humanities

Admission Charges

Sr Category Amount Misc Rmks
Osmany Hall Extensions
1. Admission Fee 1000 1000 One time
2. Charges/Month 2200 2700 Advance
3. Readmission Fee 500
4. Security Deposit 5000 5000 Refundable
5. Mess Advance 5000 5000 Refundable
6. ID Card 100 100
TOTAL= 13300 13800 500

Monthly Hall Charges

Sr Category Amount Rmks
Osmany Hall Extensions
1. Establishment Charge 1450 1450
2. Seat rent 300 800
3. Electricity, Gas & Water Bills 250 250
4. Common Room Subscription 100 100
5. Contingencies 100 100
#550 *1650 100 #Osmany Hall Acc

*Extension Hall Acc

TOTAL= 2200 2700

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