Check Before You Apply

MIST offers courses across a diverse range of engineering fields and architecture with total of 570 seats (subject to change each year).

  1. Step-1.   Check Your Student Status. Make sure your student status i.e. whether you are local or international student. If you are not sure, submit a copy of your passport to us and we will confirm your student status.
  2. Step-2.   Check Entry Requirements. Local applicants to the first year of a bachelor degree in Engineering or Architecture programs must meet the Eligible Criteria and appear at the Admission Test, which is scheduled on October-November in each year. Foreign students must meet the Eligible Criteria but are not required to attend Admission Test.
  3. Step-3.   Review Application and Tuition Fees. A summary of indicative tuition fees for all MIST courses is available for your information.
    • Application Fees.
    • Tuition Fees.
  1. Step-4. Prepare Your Documents. You may also be required to submit documents to support your application.
  2. Step-5. Complete Your Application Form. If you have followed all these steps and you have all the necessary documents and information, you are ready to complete your application form and apply.
    • Apply Online.
  3. Step-6.   More to Know.
    • Local applicants must fill up the online application and among them only short listed candidates will be eligible for appearing at the Admission Test.
    • Based on the Selection Criteria, selected candidates (merit listed) will then be called up to admit at MIST (but not directly in any departments).
    • During admission process candidates must submit some specific documents for approval of candidature.
    • If there is any vacant seat, Waiting Listed candidates will fulfill the vacancy.
    • Admitted students will be distributed among the departments according their merit and individual choice.
    • Foreign candidates may admit in any departments according their choice/interest.
Last updated on Thursday, October 05, 2017